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Thanks again for your amazing customer service!

Dear Praxxis folks,
   I just received my stapler order and am surprised by your generosity; not only did you replace a sold out stapler (which was on closeout anyway) with a larger version but you included another peewee stapler at no charge.  This is certainly above and beyond what was expected.    Needless to say, you will be my go-to place for anything involving staples and I'll spread the word.  Incidentally, I sought out the Praxxispro because it is assembled in the US.  It appears to be a rugged and attractive device.  I run a busy tax office and we burn up staplers like you wouldn't believe.   Thanks again for your amazing customer service!
  Matthew Frumess    Liberty NY

Ridiculously Good Customer Service

I have no idea how Praxxis found out I had an issue with their staples, but they did, and they decided to send me a reeeeeally nice stapler (called the "Basileous Executive Desktop Stapler") and a slew of staples to replace the ones I had returned. They even got the color right. They didn't include a note asking for a review or anything. They just wanted to make things right, and I assume, to show that they stand behind the quality of their products... And here's a company selling *staples* of all things and they've got some of the best customer service I've ever experienced. - Advena
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