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5 out of 5 stars - It's exactly what a stapler should be!
My dad invented an electric stapler back in the 1950s....Anyway, as a result of Dad's obsession, everyone in my family became a stapler snob. We had big models, small models, deep models, industrial models, plier models and, of course, electric models. Recently, I was despairing that there were no solid models being produced today. And then I discovered The Oregon Stapler. It is superb; using it is a pleasure. And you don't have to be a stapler nerd like me to appreciate it—just try it and you'll agree: It does exactly what it's supposed to do every time....Gordon 

Ridiculously Good Customer Service
So a couple days ago I went out to grab the mail and there was a mysterious FedEx box on my porch. I grabbed it. It was heavy and from a company I couldn't quite place…. I looked at the name of the company again. I felt like I had seen it before, but I just couldn't place it. I mustered all my courage and opened it. Inside was a stapler and a bunch of staples. Everything clicked into place. Okay, not everything. I didn't figure out my ultimate place in the universe or anything, but I *did* remember who the company was: I had just recently purchased (and returned) some of their black chisel edged staples. Why did I return them I imagine you asking? Because the staples were completely busted, as in "I DO NOT have time to fill my stapler five staples at a time" busted. So I returned them and alerted Amazon that there may be a problem with their stock since a couple other reviews mentioned this very problem (I've never come across this issue, so I believed it *had* to be either storage related or some sort of fluke defect in the glue binding the staples together). I didn't think another thing about it (other than hating having to use the boring silver "crumple-o-matic" staples I had to buy locally).
That is until this mystery box showed up on my porch. I have no idea how Praxxis found out I had an issue with their staples, but they did, and they decided to send me a reeeeeally nice stapler (called the "Basileous Executive Desktop Stapler") and a slew of staples to replace the ones I had returned. They even got the color right. They didn't include a note asking for a review or anything. They just wanted to make things right, and I assume, to show that they stand behind the quality of their products... And here's a company selling *staples* of all things and they've got some of the best customer service I've ever experienced. I'm pretty shocked about the whole thing actually. I wish more companies would take a page from Praxxis' playbook. Not necessarily randomly giving out free product, but rather treating their customers as they would like to be treated **and** standing solidly behind their products. Oh, and not to keep you in suspense any longer… the staples they sent aren't busted and work wonderfully in the new stapler. I'm able to **easily** staple 20+ sheets of heavy paper (HP 113100 Premium Choice LaserJet Paper, 98 Brightness, 32lb, 8-1/2x11, White, 500 Shts per Ream). I can *almost* get 32 sheets of this paper stapled--I actually could do it, but the staples aren't long enough to make it all the way through the stack--but there's zero crumpling of the staples like I was constantly having with the lesser local craptastic staples I was using. Some of this has to do with the new stapler, which is head and shoulders better than my old Swingline (which does crumple the Praxxis staples when I tried to staple 32 sheets), but even this Swingline doesn't have any issues getting through 20 or 25 sheets of the HP paper (as it most certainly did with the cheap local staples). The Swingline has now been "archived" and I'm using the Praxxis stapler from here on out… Advena

This manual stapler is attractive, easy to load, and easy to use with a light touch. It is well made and should be durable and reliable. It was by far the best easy-touch stapler that I tried, and easily the best in the $20-$30 range....Roberta

My compact plastic Swingline broke, parts internally sheared apart. I wanted something not only in my favorite color, but also made of metal. This aligns better and makes better shaped staples than any compact I have ever owned. Will buy a couple more for keeping staplers handy where space is at a premium – LIKE MY VEHICLE :)~ Lagarto

I was so fed up with mini staplers when I ordered these. I wasn’t too confident they would be any better. But, Wow. These work perfectly. I haven’t had ANY more problems so far. I need to buy more and give them as gifts to everyone I know. Tamara