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Magnetic Paperclip Holders

SKU I8-D7N4-AA45

While the paperclip holder is absolutely perfect for thumbtacks and paperclips we also think they are great for sorting nails and screws in the garage, or sewing pins for quilters, spices for cooks, or beads for get the idea. Great for anything small and sortable and with the magnetic bottom they can be sorted and stored on any surface that is magnetic in nature. Let your imagination fly and get organized with our "paperclip holders".

  • Heavy duty magnetic paperclip holder, perfect for your home, office or school
  • Soft rubber base protects desk or counter surfaces from scratches
  • Durable all-steel design is built to last for years of great performance
  • Can be used for paperclips, binder clips, screws, nails, sewing pins, bobby pins, and more
  • Set of 2 canisters
  • Brushed silver metallic finish
  • Clear "window" in lid so you can easily see what's inside without opening the container