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Basileus Full-Strip Handheld Desktop Stapler

Color: Black Nickel

The Basileus Full-Strip Ergonomic Grip Handheld Desktop Stapler is part of our flagship line. It outperforms all other similar staplers in performance and appearance. Has a limited lifetime warranty just like all PraxxisPro staplers, and each stapler includes a box of 1,250 staples.

With its zinc body it has a solid and hefty feel when using, and its soft cap and base protect your desktop as well as provide a grippy surface to prevent it from slipping in your hands. This stapler is also designed to sit either flat on a desktop surface, or to sit on its nose for convenience. Topping off the options is a built-in staple remover on the back end-never search for your staple remover again, or end up breaking a nail trying to do it without one. The Basileus Full-Strip Ergonomic Grip Handheld Desktop Stapler is a sturdily built and attractive addition to your home or office that will last a lifetime.

  • Perfect size desktop stapler with a heft that feels substantial, but does not contribute to fatigue with sustained use.
  • Fits easily in your desk drawer and won't take up much needed desk space
  • Durable all-steel design is built to last for years of great performance, while the soft cap and base provide added comfort
  • Built-in staple remover
  • Staples 2 to 25 sheets of paper without jamming, giving you the convenience of a manageable size stapler with the power of a heavy duty stapler
  • Attractive colorful designs make it a great stapler for all tastes
  • Includes a box of 1250 standard size staples, and has a built-in staple remover for ease and convenience
  • Available in Black, White-Gold, Copper, Silver, Red, and Burgundy